About x!mage

With a background in architectural design and experience in the postproduction industry x!mage was founded in 2009 by Beate Lendt.

x!mage focuses on making films and documentaries on architecture and the city, art & culture as well as engaging in webdesign and webdevelopment.


Beate Lendt


+31 (0)6 425 54 826


All films available on demand and on DVD

x!mage offers on demand screening of the films for a low pricing next to the distribution of the DVD`s to make the films available to a broader audience.
`Dreaming of a Treehouse` is also available with Chinese subtitles!

应观众需求, 观看“树屋之梦”时可选择中⽂字幕!

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x!mage produces documentaries on architecture and the city, like on the Dutch artist Louis LeRoy, on the experimental housing project NEXT21 in Osaka, Japan or on the ecological housing project of Frei Otto in Berlin.

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Shorts & other projects

Short videos, experiments, art projects, architecture etc...

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DVD shop

DVD shop

All recent films are available on DVD and can be ordered online.

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x!mage collaborates with:

cc-studio architects
Vladimir Rakic composition & sounddesign

projects of x!mage are supported by

creative industries fund NL