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Case Studies NL

Case Studies NL -
adaptable & participatory housing in the Netherlands
individual & collective development

The documentary `CASE STUDIES NL` is a research project that portrays a kaleidoscope of seven Dutch housing developments which all have adaptability and participation of the inhabitants as their core concepts. The key players of each project discuss the failures and successes of the various designs and their underlying processes. Although set in very different contexts and scales, mutual issues arise. Understanding these may help future initiatives and developments to succeed.

#3 SOLIDS Amsterdam
#4 KLUSHUIZEN Rotterdam
#6 VRIJBURCHT Amsterdam
#7 GW Nieuwegein

DVD-9 PAL, 16:9, 95 minutes, 2014
languages: Dutch, English, German
subtitles: English
Euro 25,00 (for private use only)

view DVD cover with list of projects and interviews

an article on the film written by Jesper van den Toorn for magazine SUPPORT of TU Eindhoven (page 32-34 on ISSUU)


Dreaming of a treehouse DVD

Der Traum vom Baumhaus/Dreaming of a treehouse
Frei Otto`s ecological building project in Berlin

The documentary `Dreaming of a Treehouse` addresses the Ökohaus, an experimental collective housing project in Berlin, conceived by the famous German architect/engineer Frei Otto for the International Building Exhibition (IBA) of 1984-1987 held in Berlin. Through a series of interviews with the key players involved in the design and realization process, it looks back on the implemented innovative ecological and adaptable design strategies, as well as on the participatory co-design process behind this remarkable building.

Interviews with Frei Otto, Christine Kanstinger-Otto, Hermann Kendel, co-architects, planners as well as inhabitants and participatory builders. Commentary by architects Yona Friedman, Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal.

DVD-9 PAL, 16:9, 65 minutes, 2011
languages: German, English, French,
subtitles: English
Euro 19,95 (for private use only)

Next21 DVD

NEXT21 - an experiment

With the aim of creating an energy-efficient, green, social and flexible urban living environment fit for the challenges of the 21st century and its demands, Osaka Gas commissioned the experimental residential complex `NEXT21` in Osaka in 1989 (completed in 1993). 15 years into its existence and after three consecutive five-year cycles of ongoing inhabitation experimentation, this half-hour documentary `NEXT21 - an experiment` looks back on the context and conditions of its visionary and pioneering multi-disciplinary design process.

Interviews with the architects and engineers, inhabitants and Dutch architect John Habraken as commentator.

DVD-5 PAL, 16:9, 30 minutes, 2009
languages: Japanese, Dutch, subtitles: English
Euro 12,50 (for private use only)


Louis LeRoy - life and work in time and space

Short portret of the Dutch artist Louis LeRoy and his work the `ecokathedraal`in the North of Holland.

DVD-5 PAL, 16:9, 15 minutes, 2009
languages: Dutch, subtitles: English
Euro 7,50 (incl.shipping, for private use only)


Film screenings

The films of x!mage have been shown publicly at following festivals and places:

Filmhuis de Keizer in Deventer 2015
Pakhuis de Zwijger 2014
De Nieuwe Bibliotheek in Almere 2014
Filmtheater Hilversum 2014
TU Vienna 2014
Fondazione Benetton, Treviso 2014
Arqfilmfest in Santiago de Chile 2013
Urbanize Festival Vienna 2013
`Vive Le Roy` exhibition Delfzijl 2013
Filmclub Takino Liechtenstein 2012
The Hub Amsterdam 2012
Architecture Biennale Plan12 in Cologne 2012
UN habitat Film Festival Naples 2012
SHS Conference Johannesburg 2012
Bartlett School London 2012
Kino im Kesselhaus, Krems Austria 2012
Architectuurcentrum Casla Almere 2012
The Building Centre London 2012
Huis voor Beeldcultuur Breda 2011
Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2011
Architecture Design Filmfestival New York 2011
`Sokkel of sluitsteen` exhibition Gorcums Museum Gorinchem 2011
Matrix City program Focus Filmtheater Arnhem 2010
Impakt Festival Utrecht 2010
Symposium Stichting Tijd 2010
Human Cities Festival Brussels & Istanbul 2010
Open and Sustainable Building Conference Bilbao 2010
Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2009

Soundtrack of NEXT21 on last.fm

You can listen to the soundtrack of NEXT21 on last.fm by collaborating composer and sounddesigner Vladimir Rakic.

listen to soundtrack>>>

Talkshow AFFR 2009

Short talk with Jord den Hollander about the films `Next21` and `Louis LeRoy`.(Dutch)


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